I’ll be spending the next three weeks at the Marcelle Theatre in St. Louis playing the guitar book for the musical “Daddy Long Legs”. It’s a fun guitar book to play—-all acoustic guitar, which is unusual for a musical….well written tunes, and good underscore pieces as well. The band is just piano, cello, and guitar, and it’s a small theatre, so we’re playing almost acoustically….Looking forward to this run!

Vincent Varvel/William Lenihan concert 3/7/19

Wonderful concert last night at Holmes Lounge on the Wash U campus with multi-instrumentalist and composer William Lenihan….we performed two original compositions of his and two of mine, along with two of our favorites from the ECM records of the 70’s, Krusning(Jan Garbarek) and Ralph’s Piano Waltz(John Abercrombie), and an improvised piece, along with renditions of Stella By Starlight and Shenandoah. Playing in a duo setting presents challenges not found in a larger group—mostly using space differently and using a more fluid sense of rhythm….but it came off beautifully and hopefully we’ll be doing more concerts like this!